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The social economy already generates in Spain 160,000 million euros a year, 0.55% of the national GDP, although it needs a “common legal framework” and “greater recognition and visibility”, a new person takes up to be trained and work in the trade of the hotel business.

It is indicated that the social economy already has 35,040 entities, which employ 2,196,907 people.

In addition, the social economy in Spain already generates 160,000 million of Spanish GDP, which is 0.55% of the country’s total. This report reflects that the most implemented model is the cooperative, of which there are 20,958 in Spain, with 1.8 million workers, followed by the labor companies, which are 9,234 and 63,471 employees, and other social economy companies, which are 3,784 and 196,658 workers.

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El Mandela is a sub-Saharan African restaurant located in the center of Madrid. The restaurant features famous sub-Saharan dishes, coffee and tea, and homemade desserts. The restaurant is also a social enterprise that hires young African immigrants and refugees and trains them to work in the hospitality industry.
The training process features personalized on the job accompaniment to best train each individual, and the organization helps their employees move from their restaurant to the formal labor market, where they become waiters or cooks. The restaurant’s profits are reinvested so that they can hire and train more young African immigrants.
El Madela is funded by the Region of Madrid and the European Social Fund. The organization works with the San Juan del Castillo Foundation and the Amoverse Foundation.

Target group

Young African immigrants and refugees

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Vision / Mission

The restaurant serves as a platform for training and employment, where there is a process of personalized accompaniment, at the end of which, the person is prepared to work as a waiter or kitchen assistant in the labor market and his place is occupied by a new person to be trained and work in the trade of the hotel trade.



Their objective is not lucrative, but we do look for economic sustainability to be able to train and give work to young Africans, and the benefits obtained by the restaurant are reinvested in the creation and improvement of the quality of employment of these young people.

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