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Most of the social businesses in Austria are dedicated to the topics education & research, environmentalism, projects in developing countries,
re-integration in the labour market as well as (networking) support for social entrepreneurs.

Approximately, 1,500 organisations could be identified as social enterprises, including associations, cooperatives and public benefit limited liability companies. Social enterprises are an important and growing sector of the Austrian economy.

Especially in times of growing social problems, such as migration, demographical changes, and welfare-state reforms currently undertaken by the present right-wing- conservative government, the contribution of social enterprises is expected to become more important. They take over responsibility through generating innovative and demand-oriented services and find ways to sustain them.

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Habibi & Hawara, a restaurant serving Asian food, is a social enterprise that hires primarily immigrants and refugees. Habibi & Hawara recognizes that there are 31,295 unemployed immigrants and refugees in Austria, and an additional 900 refugees arrive every year. The organization knows that immigrants face many difficulties, including not speaking German, being discriminated against, and being forced into unstable, low wage jobs or facing unemployment.

Habibi & Hawara are working to offer refugees and immigrants a good working environment, and train them for more highly skilled jobs, especially as entrepreneurs, based on their individual talents and skills. The organization also facilitates conversations between Austrians and immigrants to reduce prejudices. Habibi & Hawara works with organizations like the Austrian Labour Market Service and the Austrian office of the UNHCR, but remains a politically independent organization. The organization uses local, sustainable food that

Target group

Immigrants and refugees

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Vision / Mission

We want to offer refugees and migrants a respectful working environment, qualify them according to their strengths and motivations and train the most motivated and talented to become entrepreneurs.


  • Primary objective is to achieve social impact rather than generating profit for owners and shareholders.
  • Ecological sustainability
  • Fair working conditions
  • High salaries for employees

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Tel: 01 535 06 75