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Statistics explicitly accounting for social enterprises do not exist in Hungary, but data is available on the number and economic performance of organisations under the relevant legal forms. According to data from KSH, there were 2,976 cooperatives, of which 293 registered (for-profit) “social cooperatives” are the most relevant, offering employment to their disadvantaged members and services improving their living conditions. Social and employment cooperatives have mushroomed recently, thanks to an ESF-cofinanced grant programme for their setting up and operation.

Also, there were 65,561 registered non-profit organisations (broken down to 23,236 foundations and 42,325 non-profit companies) with a total revenue of 1,238 billion HUF (over €4 billion) in 2011, of which only 211 million HUF is commercial revenue.

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HelloAnyu! (“HelloMum!”) is a family friendly café and community venue in the inner city of Budapest that serves Hungarian food and baked goods and offers some options for people with dietary restrictions. The cafe allows mothers who spend maternity leave at home to bring their babies and young children with them to go meet other moms and socialize, which women often don’t have the opportunity to do.

The cafe provides a community area for children and free cultural and educational courses for women, who get to improve their skills and become better prepared to enter the job market while their children have a babysitter. Mothers also are able to work part time at the café while someone watches their children, providing a valuable source of income for people who can´t afford a babysitter. The café also tries to be environmentally sustainable.

Target group

Mothers with young children who can´t afford babysitters

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Vision / Mission

Mothers with young children who can’t afford a babysitter and that’s why they should do their daily routine or part time job while having their kids around


– Inclusive social community space for mothers with young children
– Cultural and social programs for families
– Family friendly work place
– Ecological sustainable café and restaurant
– Establishment of an innovative social business in Hungary

How to contact

Telf: +36 70 383 72 11