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Restaurant Review




Change the look on refugees
In the current context of “migration crisis”, there are many misconceptions about refugees, reducing them to victim status, a succession of numbers, or even worse, a threat.
We refuse that. We are convinced that refugees have a lot to offer us as skills, traditions and know-how that only need to be valued.
We chose to reveal the talents of cooks because the kitchen is a gateway to the other and to the world. Cooking is above all fun, sharing, meetings. It’s a way of finding oneself and discovering oneself.

Integrating refugees through employment
When they arrive in France, refugees find it difficult to integrate socially and professionally. Too often, they are unemployed for several years or have to take precarious jobs that do not match their ambitions or talents.
In Les Cuistots Migrateurs, we think that integration comes first and foremost through work. To give refugees access to employment is to give them an opportunity to interact with French people and to learn our language. It is also to allow them access to dignified housing. Our cooks are therefore hired on permanent or fixed-term contracts. We refuse to rely on auto-entrepreneurs and we pay all the extra hours (this is rare in the restaurant!).
We go even further by allowing them to value their skills, to satisfy their passion for cooking and to share their culture. We think this is the best way to restore their trust and dignity and allow them to rebuild.

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