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The social economy already generates in Spain 160,000 million euros a year, 0.55% of the national GDP, although it needs a “common legal framework” and “greater recognition and visibility”, a new person takes up to be trained and work in the trade of the hotel business.

It is indicated that the social economy already has 35,040 entities, which employ 2,196,907 people.

In addition, the social economy in Spain already generates 160,000 million of Spanish GDP, which is 0.55% of the country’s total. This report reflects that the most implemented model is the cooperative, of which there are 20,958 in Spain, with 1.8 million workers, followed by the labor companies, which are 9,234 and 63,471 employees, and other social economy companies, which are 3,784 and 196,658 workers.

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Novaterra Catering is a catering company focused on providing healthy Spanish food sustainably using Fair Trade products. The organization believes that respecting human rights, promoting inclusion, and remembering your social responsibility is important for being a good member of society and a good business. In addition to purchasing socially responsible products, Novaterra ensures that they have a diverse, inclusive workforce.

Novaterra´s primary focus is sustainability, and they follow the 3 R´s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. They use either recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable products in order to provide healthy, sustainable, delicious, and socially conscious food in solidarity with the community and our planet.

Target group
1. Sustainability.
2. Diversity and inclusion in the workforce.
3. Fair trade and social responsibility.

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Vision / Mission

Transforming reality through catering with maximum care for quality, but also taking into account criteria of proximity, seasonal products, fair and ecological trade, a balanced quantification to avoid waste, and management of the subsequent impact of waste.


Providing professional catering services through social and environmental sustainability

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Tel: +34 963 212 412