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The number of social enterprises in the UK small business population is likely to number approximately 471,000, with social enterprises more vulnerable to changes in the public sector. nearly 9 per cent of the UK small business population are social enterprises
The Social Enterprise: Market Trends 2017 report evealed that roughly 1.44 million people are employed by social enterprises. Of the approximately 471,000 UK social enterprises, 99,000 social enterprises had employees and 371,000 with no employees.

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Redemption Roasters is a coffee roastery that has four different shop locations around London. It is also a social enterprise that aims to reintegrate prisoners into society and decrease recidivism by giving prisoners a meaningful activity while serving their sentence.

Redemption Roasters also helps their employees find work, either by employing them directly or connecting them with opportunities in the wider industry. Redemption Roasters’ prison roastery began in April 2016 and has proved to be very popular and successful. 90% of their trainees score higher than the UK average wellbeing assessment.

Most of their suppliers provide eco-friendly products, and Redemption Roasters sources their coffee beans through Fair Trade or direct trade.

Target group

1. Currently incarcerated people
2. Formerly incarcerated people

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Vision / Mission

They are a specialty coffee company who believe that they can reduce reoffending in the UK through coffee.

They want to show the coffee community and the world that a positive commercial environment can be created behind bars and that exceptional specialty coffee can come from places and people you wouldn’t expect.


– Help the young offenders to successfully reintegrate into society, we train them in professional roasting and competition-level barista skills
– Increase the amount of coffee we roast so we can keep the project at Aylesbury going strong.
– Take as many offenders through our program as possible
– Find jobs for our apprentices upon their release and see them continue their lives without slipping back into crime
– See one of our apprentices compete in a barista tournament; and eventually
– Open a chain of specialty coffee shops staffed by a high percentage of ex-offenders.

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