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The social enterprise phenomenon in Belgium has found nourishment from various sources: the associative, cooperative and mutual traditions, often highlighted as the backbone of the ‘social economy’ (in the broad sense); support from public authorities in the context of specific public policies; the support of philanthropic actors through donations and ‘social investment’; and inputs from more business-oriented actors.

The majority of the organisations had the non-profit legal form (VZW/ASBL), sometimes combined with another form. Only 5 % of the sample had adopted the social purpose company framework. In terms of employment, 21 % of enterprises surveyed had up to 10 employees, 43 % between 10 and 50 employees, 18 % between 50 and 250 and 18 % over 250 employees, with an average of 114 employees. More than 70 % of the social enterprises were more than 10 years old and only 10 % were less than 4 years old. With regard to the demographics and other characteristics of employees of the social enterprises surveyed in 2013.

Number of workers of social enterprises is 371.478 working for associations 334.945, Foundations 8.922, Cooperatives and social purpose companies 14.126 and Mutuals 13.383.

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Café Bel Mundo (“Better World”) is a French/Mediterranean restaurant that provides healthy, locally sourced, sustainable food. The café boasts many options for vegetarians and vegans and maintains an organic garden.

The restaurant works with anyone lacking opportunities, including refugees, migrants, divorced women who haven´t worked, ex-convicts, unemployed people, and youngsters without a secondary school degree. Their employees who work in their garden and bakery are people with disabilities or people who struggled with mental health issues. Café Bel Mundo believes everyone has valuable skills and an ability to contribute to society, and that people´s lives and self-esteem improve when they have a job.

The restaurant is engaged in not only social entrepreneurship, but they also have developed a social economy. Every euro is reinvested to help reintegrate people into the workforce. They also ensure that their prices remain affordable and accessible to the residents in their low income neighborhood, and they have zero waste. Café Bel Mundo is supported by the Flemish government, and works with other organizations like Our House, a nonprofit that works with Syrian refugees.

Target group
Impoverished individuals who need opportunities to enter the workforce

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Vision / Mission

The restaurant helps people re-enter the job market and their goal is to help people move from their restaurant to the labor force. They provide training, language courses, help with resumes and job interviews, and connect people with resources to find solutions to challenges they are facing, as varied as homelessness, drug addiction, or debt.


Their first mission is to reintegrate people in the regular job market.
They want to sell our dishes at a democratic price, available for everybody. The more people in our restaurant, the more our trainees can learn how it works in a regular job.

How to contact

Tel: 02 669 08 45