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Restaurant Review



Restaurant Freud is a restaurant and catering service that serves Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine and focuses on cooking sustainably using local products. The restaurant is a social enterprise that focuses on people primarily with backgrounds of mental health issues but also works with people with addictions or people from jail with the ultimate goal of workforce reintegration into a “regular” job. The restaurant offers a formal Dutch education and on the job training.

The restaurant started in 2006 when two neighbors decided to start a project that could help stigmatized people use their talents and social skills to benefit the greater society.

The restaurant is part of a larger organization called Roads that helps people return to work. Roads connects people with work at Restaurant Freud, or people can also find work at the restaurant through the website.

Target group
1. People with mental health problems
2. People who struggled with addictions
3. People who were formerly incarcerated

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Vision / Mission

Since 2006 we have been combining their love for delicious food with a special focus on people. Men and women participants who have become distanced from the job market prepare their dishes with passion and pride. They serve you with their heartwarming attention.

They guide men and women with psychological vulnerabilities. Every week they help 65 people who are finding their way back to work at their own pace. Restaurant Freud is a certified learn-work-company.


The core of the initiative is to get people that are stigmatized from society to get them into what they can do instead what they can´t. They have talents and social skills to offer to society.

How to contact

Tel : 020-6885548