On this page you will find the intellectual products of the strategic association for innovation that was created to carry out the Erasmus + project “Cook for Future: NEW VET HORIZONS FOR SOCIAL INCLUSION IN FOOD SERVICE” N.2017-1-ES01- KA202-038142

These intellectual products are the result of research and writing by an international team that has worked for two years thanks to the financing of the Erasmus + program, which one of its objectives is to promote innovation in the field of vocational training. 

A You have freely available intellectual products such as training courses, guides and mapping of social restaurants.


a) Technical guide Social Restaurants

This research is a guide to find information about characteristics of social enterprises in EU, food industry, financial importance in the hospitality sector, their context and importance, about inequality of gender in the food industry and finale about Food Waste.

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b) Criteria to select social restaurants and catering businesses

This document contains a set of criteria related to the characteristics of social enterprises, based on the definitions of the European Commission (2011). These criteria are economic, social and environmental. It is on these criteria that we have relied for the creation of the mapping of the social and catering restaurants listed on the platform.

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c) Online Platform of Social Restaurants

This online platform is the result of investigation on Social Hospitality in Europe. The website it is the unique platform at European level, that contains the most outstanding social enterprises in the field of social hospitality and the materials and courses to study and start your own project …


d) Good Practices of Social Restaurants

This book is a selection of the Social Restaurants that highlight according to our international team in 2019

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e) Good Practices Guides 2020

This book is a selection of the Social Restaurants that highlight according to our international team in 2020

f) Mapping of Social Restaurants in the EU

This mapping is the result of an investigation of Social Restaurants in Europe.

2) INTELLECTUAL OUTPUT 2: New VET curriculum to Manager of Social Restaurant

VET Curriculum for Manager of Social Restaurant includes:

  • Social Policy Concept
  • Relationship between economic and social policy
  • Principles of social policy and its functions
  • Social instruments, policy makers

To create this, have been interviews with NGOs, public institutions, social hospitality and social tourism actors.

You can read about:

  • The specific skills required for the job market;
  • Expectations in interviews with potential managers;
  • Identification of innovative interactive teaching methodologies;
  • Identification of useful skills for sector management;
  • European mobility strategies on the demand for work;
  • Strategies oriented to service quality and the training of educators, teachers and users.

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3) INTELLECTUAL OUTPUT 3: Social restaurant Start Up Guide

Manual dedicated to NGOs who want to start a commercial activity, including people at risk of social exclusion.

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4) INTELLECTUAL OUTPUT 4: Online Course about Social Restaurants to socio-sanitary users organizations

Online course dedicated to users and people at risk of social exclusion who aspire to work in Social Restaurants.

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